2021 Garden Registration is OPEN for RETURNING GARDENERS ONLY

Thank you for your patience this season as we implement a new platform for our McFarland Community Garden online registration. The new system is through Sign Up Genius, which allows for registration and plot fee payment. At this time we are only accepting registrations from RETURNING gardeners. We will open up registration for new gardeners soon. It is very important that if you would like to return to your existing plot, you must register soon to reserve it.

Plot fees are once again assessed on a sliding fee scale. The fee scale is universally used throughout community gardens in Dane County and was developed and regularly updated by Dane County UW Extension. The sliding fee scale allows for an accessible fee based on your plot size, household size and household income. *NEW* IF THE PLOT FEES REPRESENT A FINANCIAL HARDSHIP FOR YOU, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ACCESS OUR NEW GARDENER GRANT PROGRAM BY CONTACTING KATIEGS@GMAIL.COM.

Online Transaction Fee: There is a 5% fee via the online registration system. If you would prefer not to register online, we can provide a paper copy of the Garden Registration that you can fill out and submit with payment in the form of cash/check/money order. Again, reach out to katiegs@gmail.com if you need this option.

What do plot fees pay for? Why do we need them? Plot fees pay for all of the costs associated with running the garden. We do not receive money from any other source and our leadership team is 100% volunteer. The plot fees go to pay for water, small engine maintenance and gas, tools, high quality compost, and other soil amendments that we can offer to our gardeners. The leadership team makes decisions about what other projects will be funded. Last year we purchased a professional garden sign which now graces the front of our garden. In the past we have purchased things such as garden sheds, fruit trees, picnic tables, native plants for ornamental/pollinator beds, etc. We also hold money in reserve if there ever were an infrastructure problem that would need repair (knock on wood this will not happen!)

COVID-19 Precautions: Last year we put a number of precautionary guidelines in place due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. These policies were implemented with the best information and guidance that were available at that time for the safety of our gardeners and the broader community. The leadership team will be discussing if/what precautions would be prudent for the 2021 growing season. As we get closer to the opening of the growing season, we will announce any relevant guidelines.

Follow this link to sign up today!