New Gardener Registration

We have received so much interest in the McFarland Community Garden for the 2021 Growing Season! Current gardeners have first chance to renew their garden plots from the previous season. We are wrapping up those renewals now, which gives us a better picture of how many garden plots will become available for new gardeners. This year we have a very high rate of returning gardeners, so unfortunately there are not a lot of plots available for new gardeners at this point.

New Gardener registration will open TOMORROW, MONDAY, MARCH 15TH AT 8:00AM.
To Register go to:

Plot Sizes: New gardeners will be limited to a Half Plot (10’x20′) or a Raised Bed Plot (4’x8′)  for the first season, with the option to expand to a Full Plot (20’x20′) next year if desired.

Plot Fees: Plot fees are assessed on a sliding fee scale based on household size, household income and plot size. This scale is universally used in community gardens throughout Dane County and was developed by Dane County UW Extension. If cost is a challenge for you, please let contact to access our grant funds for plot fees.

Waiting List: If all plots are filled, we highly encourage you to sign up on the waiting list. Often times plots will become available early in the season. Potential gardeners on the waiting list will be placed on a first come first served basis.