Renew Your Plot for 2019

The renewal period is open for current gardeners in good standing from the 2018 season. If you are NEW to the McFarland Community Garden, and you wish to rent a plot, we will be opening up registration for new gardeners soon…stay posted!

1.  On the lower right part of your screen you will see a blue circular icon with an image of two people on it.  Click on this.
2.  Fill in your username and password from last season.  If you have forgotten, there is a link to reset.
3.  Once you have logged in on the site, a menu item will appear for you at the top of the page which says, “Purchase/Renew Garden Plot.”  Only ONE gardener from your plot needs to fill out this section.
4.  Once you have filled in all the information, the site will direct you to our secure online payment portal, where you will be able to pay with your PayPal account or with a credit/debit card.

Once we receive confirmation of your payment, your plot will be reserved for the season. You will receive a receipt for your transaction from PayPal for your plot fee payment.

What about purchasing straw?

  • We will be again be offering straw for purchase via the website. In the far upper right of the home screen you will see a “Shop” icon.  If you click on that, all of the options will be shown that are available for purchase.  You will need to pay for supplies as a separate purchase from your plot purchase/renewal.  We recommend 4 bales for a full size (20’x20′) plot and 2 bales for a half plot (20’x10′).

What about fees?

  • There is a minimal fee for online plot purchase/renewal in order to cover the fees that are charged for usage of online payment.  We have done our best to keep this as low as possible at $1.75 per plot renewal/purchase.  If this fee represents a hardship for you, please contact me directly at to arrange for payment via check or cash.

What if I want to move to a different plot from last year?

  • You can make a note in the “Plot Number” field if you would like to move to a different plot.  I will touch base with you to confirm placement.

How Do I Get a Plot for the 2018 Growing Season?

Even though our garden is currently blanketed in snow, spring will, assuredly, be here soon!  This year we are embarking upon a new journey in Garden Registration, so we humbly ask for your patience and understanding.  Our goal is that within the next few weeks we will have a new ONLINE registration platform open on this website, with fee payment via PayPal.  This will make the process much faster and more convenient for our gardeners and administrators, while also minimizing paper waste.  Sooooo…..once it is up and running, we will invite our current gardeners, who are in good standing, to renew their garden plots.  Once the renewal process has been completed, we will open any remaining plots for NEW GARDENERS.  We are shooting for sometime in March. When we have a firm date for opening registration, we will post notifications on Facebook and on this website.  We will also submit notifications to our local paper, McFarland Thistle, and post flyers throughout town.  So, if you hope to snag a plot this season, keep your eyes peeled!