Gratitude to all who Founded the McFarland Community Garden, Especially Katie Gletty-Syeon!

The McFarland Community Garden didn’t just happen in 2013.  It is a collaboration of the Village of McFarland, McFarland’s United Church of Christ and the Friends of the McFarland Parks. Along with many local volunteers, the McFarland Sparks 4-H Club, Members of the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, members of the business community and others. Donation of time, money and volunteering poured in from the community in our founding year.

One person’s efforts started it all in 2012-13.  Katie Gletty-Syeon, our first Garden Coordinator, has lead us from the start and through the past ten years.  She’s the one person who brought together all of the needed resources and sold the concept to the church, the community and the Village goverment.  It would not have happened without Katie.  She remains an advisor to the garden and is active on the board of the Friends of the McFarland Parks.

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